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LinkedIn Ads & Business to Business Selling

Social media has developed over recent years into the best and most popular way for businesses to target and engage with prospects and to turn those leads in to sales. It has become an important part of any B2B marketing strategy, but the way in which social media has evolved and become so cluttered with content and accounts, means it is harder for a business to stand out and get their message heard.

LinkedIn has grown into a huge online professional network and is the number one social media platform for content marketing amongst 94% of B2B organisations. While competition is so fierce in the market place itself and on social media, paid ads through LinkedIn have become one way for an organisation to get noticed and generate business leads. This is by no means a new solution, but at Thriving Digital we have found that LinkedIn ads can have a more direct impact on defined targets than using organic methods of building interest via social media.

What is a LinkedIn ad campaign?

We can help your business build a LinkedIn ad campaign that is more likely to generate B2B sales and show tangible returns. While every organisation is unique in terms of its identity, structure and personnel we have established and proven methods which we can adapt to suit your organisation and help manage a successful promotion to boost your sales.

Our methods are based around developing a social strategy which takes a step-by-step approach to how you should prepare for, plan and execute a LinkedIn ad campaign. Firstly we advise that you determine what is your target audience or demographic and where are they found? This is sometimes referred to as identifying your buyer persona. You then need to establish your targets and how you expect to measure success. KPIs should be defined to allow you to monitor, analyse and report on your progress.

Helping your business with a LinkedIn ad campaign

There are two general ad types in LinkedIn, these are sponsored content and text ads and these differ according to what you want as an outcome. You might just be looking to generate website traffic and increase site clicks, you might want to increase your customer engagement, you might want more followers and to increase your brand awareness or you might want to simply generate more business development leads.

We can help you choose the right type of ad, create the content, optimise it for full visibility and engagement and then we can analyse its success and refine the strategy where required. Thriving Digital have good experience working on LinkedIn ad campaigns and we feel that fostering relationships for B2B organisations is the best way to build trust and personality and to extend brand awareness, so contact us today and we can help you with your LinkedIn ad campaign.