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Innovative Video Content for Business

One of the key elements of a marketing campaign is that you should always experiment to stay ahead of the game. That is how you become on-trend, stylish and contemporary, and, within reason, there is no shame in taking ideas from established brands and interpreting them into what you are doing. Some of the best brands in the world are using innovative content marketing techniques that make you think, and if you can use part of that, or it gives you an idea, there is nothing wrong with that.

Generally, people are more dismissive today of text-only marketing and even infographics. There is often too much to digest and in the age of social media, content needs to be immediate and easily digestible to make a lasting impression and engage the potential customer.

Furthermore, the best marketing campaigns can be the most simple. A great recent example was the “Share A Coke” campaign from Coca-Cola, where they printed people’s names on bottles. People asked why? But it allowed everyone to identify with the product and made it shareable. Of course that is not an idea that is transferable to every business, but it shows that even the biggest brands in the world are always thinking, always being innovative and that the best ideas are sometimes the most simple.

Incorporating video into a marketing campaign

With video, it is a proven fact that people can spend more time on websites that contain videos, and with YouTube being such a well-used platform, we think it makes sense to incorporate video into a marketing campaign.

We have found conversion rates for videos are far higher than for written content, or even simple photos, and if done correctly you can bring your product alive, explain complex ideas or services much easier and create a sale by leading the customer to the right place within that video.

Some of the best recent video marketing campaigns use some classic marketing techniques, such as humour, subtle product placement and emotion. Creating an internal narrative that people can connect to, ie. something they come across daily in their everyday lives, will always resonate too.

Innovative marketing techniques through video

Another very successful recent example showed how deviating from what people expect can not only demonstrate a different side to your product or service, and therefore increase its value, but also can create an impact. Go Pro is an exciting product, usually promoted via an action-packed adventure video, featuring skydivers or mountain bikers. In one of their most recent video for the Go Pro Hero 3, a fireman was featured wearing a Go Pro on his helmet as he entered a smoke-filled house, he spotted a lifeless kitten on the floor and gently revived it outside.

The video really tugged on the heartstrings and created an attachment to the product, but also showed a departure, a different tangent and spoke to a broader audience. With video and VR content, you can reach out to a wider audience much quicker, and via social media you can directly target that audience. It is estimated that one third of all on-line time is spent watching video content, and therefore rather than waiting for ad breaks, brands are now targeting customers with engaging, relatable video content.

Video incorporated into a strategic marketing campaign can increase brand awareness and conversion rates and turn those prospects into loyal customers quicker. It is also true that video can enhances your SEO much better than skilful keyword placement, and a video on your website homepage is much more likely to land you on the first page of Google search findings as we feel Google values diverse content highly.

In summary, with video it is possible to go viral and create attention much quicker, making it a much better return on investment than a text or info-based marketing campaign.