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Improving Google Maps Presence

For all businesses it is extremely important to think about Google maps and the ranking which your business has within this site. The reason for this is because as soon as your business has registered with Google maps, it places you directly on the map giving your customer and client base an idea of where your business is situated. The ranking which your business has within Google maps is dependent on your online presence and where Google thinks you should be placed.

So what are these key features which will open up the doorways of Google maps for your business? Well, to begin the four main and essential aspects for you to successfully achieve your goal include local directories, reviews, opening and closing hours and pictures. In terms of local directory, by ensuring that you can be found on most areas of the web on lots of different directories, it makes your overall local directory span a lot wider giving your business the advantage of being found in multiple ways. In addition to this, by having real, positive reviews on your page for Google maps, it shows both Google and the customer that your business is firstly, a good one and secondly real. In terms of imagery, by giving your customer and potential clients as many images as possible to link to your business, it gives them an overall idea of where you are, what the business consists of and what it looks like. These are very helpful on Google maps as they giver more to a customer than just a street view. Adding onto this point, many businesses now are also investing in the usage of 360 videos. These allow people who search the business to be able to get a full grasp of it will access to 360 rotational views which are not only easy to use but an absolutely incredible piece of new technology. With our final key point of opening and closing hours, we suggest to add this onto your Google maps profile as it will give customers more information making your profile more in depth and helpful to your targeted client.

Although this already may seem to be a fair few factors to take into consideration, we are not done yet. With the complexity that Google runs at today there is no surprise to the endless amounts of features to get you higher in the ranks for Google maps for related keywords. Thinking about NAP citations as well as local reviews is also a very good idea. A local NAP citation is basically any mention on the web of a business whether it has a direct link or not. The NAP however stands for Name, Address and Phone number – on Google my business, you tend to become higher in the ranks if you not only include NAP but also include valid and helpful information (such as the key features mentioned above) as well as a unique, description caption / description of your business, high resolution images to represent your business (cover and profile pictures) as well as correct categories chosen when linking your business to its “theme”.

This process, although very detailed, can often lead people to creating a spammy page due to the amount of input. Spammy is never good, however quirky it is, so try to ensure that when creating this site to find the line between quirky and spammy. Ranking factors may become something which seems daunting to a lot of people, but by knowing the simple steps, it can become a lot easier than is perceived. The last three factors which we are going to mention are making it mobile friendly, embedding a Google map with your business marker into your landing page and finally, local ranking trackers. Mobile friendly pages are people friendly pages! With the mass of our population using mobile devices, it is only logical to make your site mobile friendly! This is an essential for a growing business and is also tracked by Google itself. By embedding a Google map with your business marker into your landing page this will give a direct link back to Google maps most likely making you have a good ranking factor in the eyes of Google. Now local ranking for local ranking key words is also an essential. It is always a brilliant idea to invest in a local rank tracker. These are daily tracking’s of your local and organic search ranking results varying at different levels for your areas. They also help you to discover where you can list your business as well as helping with what keywords are the best for ranking improvements.

Although this may all seem overwhelming to some first time business owners, down to those who just don’t have time to fit all of this in amongst running and handling their own business, we can definitely help. Here at Thriving Digital we are specialists in this particular area, to get in touch, contact us on 0800 774 7094 or fill out the contact form. To find out even more, visit us on our social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter.