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The Future with Virtual Reality

A VR experience is nothing less than magical!

It puts you in a completely different atmosphere, giving you the chance to experience so many different and exciting things, from the comfort of your home! From thrilling adventures to wonders of the world, anything seems possible with the use of Virtual Reality.

So, where did it all begin?

Virtual reality has been a thing on the mind for so many years! From panoramic paintings in the 19th century to further development with the Stereoscopic photos and viewers created and developed in 1838 through to 1939! As time has gone on, this idea of a virtual reality has become more and more popular, becoming more widely recognised by the public through the 21st century!

Products available

With so many amazing products on the market at the moment, it’s hard to know where to begin! We have three main VR headset product examples which we want to run by you! From the products, which are on more of a budget, to the high-end range!

Google Cardboard:

A product known for its low-price tag and great results, the Google cardboard is what you want if you are wanting an experience which is “simple, fun and affordable”. It is a product which gives you a great VR experience with a simple piece of equipment.

Samsung Gear VR (powered by Oculus):

With a higher state of interactivity and a more complex way of giving you these VR results, the Samsung Gear VR is a product for those wanting a higher-quality and more interactive Virtual Reality experience. Another great thing about this product is that you are able to use the sensors on either side of the headset to play VR games and other nifty VR apps.

HTC Vive:

The HTC Vive is one of the top high-quality VR products on the market today! With real world awareness, form fitting comfort, visual emersion, precision tracking, an amazing 2160 x 1200 resolution and so many other benefits and accessories which you can use to enhance your VR experience even further! This is a piece of equipment which  is interactive, immersive and has such high quality results!

VR examples

Looking at all the different types of virtual reality experiences which are about nowadays, it’s hard to choose some favourites, but here is a shot of a few of our favourites here at Thriving Digital Media! Why not have a look and see the real extent of what virtual reality can do!

1. Surrounded by Wild Elephants in 4k 360:


2. GoPro VR: Indycars over the Golden Gate Bridge:


3. Stunning 360° Paramotor Flight Above Iguazu Falls w/ Rafael Goberna:


All three videos give three different outlooks on virtual reality! With these alone, you can see the amazing results of virtual reality and potential it has for entertainment in the future.

How VR can be used for businesses

As you can see, VR is a growing trend, with so much out there, it’s bound to be beneficial to businesses we think here at Thriving Digital. When looking into virtual reality as a business prospect we have found that it can be a great initiative and fun way to boost your business and give customers a different way to look at your products!

For example, with real estate and property development, what’s better than a 360 tour? By giving this option to clients who are interested in your property, it means they are able to get a good feel of what the property is really like, without even having to visit it! It also means that your business is going above and beyond by giving a separate option to regular and standard photo image examples.

Another business prospect for the VR future is education. Schools could make great use out of this VR technology, giving children a more interesting approach to learning as oppose to generic and boring textbooks. It is well-known that different people learn in different ways, so this shows that virtual reality could definitely be a factor to help more children learn in a more enjoyable way. In addition to this, everyone knows that school trips can sometimes be a bit costly… not with Virtual Reality! With this great development., it means that you and your class can virtually visit different places over the World and learn about so many different things, sat in the classroom!

If you are interested in this technology and would like to learn more about how to utilise it for your business online, we are here to help. Here at Thriving Digital, we love to find fun and interesting developments in technology and get into it! That’s why we offer the development of VR torus whether it be for your properties or a business showroom! Please don’t hesitate to contact us and get in touch if you are interested at 0800 774 7094 or simply email us on sales@thriving-digital.co.uk

Get your imagination going with Virtual Reality!