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Content Generation

Here at Thriving Digital we believe a successful online marketing strategy should include content creation at the core of it. E-commerce websites can particularly benefit from an increased conversion rate and visibility in search engines with unique and quality content writing throughout their website.

In terms of SEO, quality and unique content on a website has become far more valued in recent years from leading search engines such as Google. Recent updates such as the ‘panda update’ from Google tend to value a site less if the content is spun/duplicated from elsewhere.  By devising and implementing a content strategy for your business site you can generate more traffic from leading search engines such as Google as a well thought out page which is unique and written to a quality standard is logically going to be valued more than one which is spun/duplicated from elsewhere.

Businesses that sell online should also think about conversion rate within their website. Generating the right traffic is just one part of the process to selling successfully online. For example a well thought out product description that is unique and researched is going to give the user more information than a short/weak description and we believe will give greater chance to conversion – as users needing to know more information about the product they are looking to buy might look elsewhere for such information before they purchase.

Social media is also a big way to promote your business online. Many businesses struggle to produce the right content to promote their business products on social media platforms such as facebook, Google+ and twitter. Our specialist content team can help create the right content for your business to share on social media websites such as info graphics and images of your products with promotional text that stand out to your audience.

We have years of experience writing e-commerce product descriptions, blog posts and specific landing pages. We have seen our clients avoid penalisation from the Google ‘panda update’ and also obtain more traffic from leading search engines from having unique and quality content written. Our experience covers a variety of industries and we always research content that we produce making sure it fits your business website.

Talk to us about how we can develop a content strategy to suit your business needs online.