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5 Reasons for Video Content

In the competitive world of building an online presence, video is becoming more and more popular as a tool for achieving higher search engine rankings, engaging potential customers and converting those page clicks into actual, tangible sales.
Nearly a decade ago in 2009, a study found that web pages linking videos were 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results, and with the development of various social media apps and digital technology generally, this step into the video world is now much easier. So here’s why you should boost the success of your landing pages by including some video.

1. Inbound links
Videos that are informative and engaging will often create natural inbound links, which are great for boosting the ranking of your website. Inbound links are a link from someone else’s website to yours, and are effectively an endorsement of your website from another party, so search engines such as Google really like them. Video has been found to be a favourable way to encourage these.

2. Thumbnail images
Sites that have a thumbnail image – created by having a video included in the site – can appear much higher in search engine rankings. When you do a standard search you will often find results that have a thumbnail image are higher than others. Furthermore, stats show that people are far more likely to click on an image than a text link. So make sure the image you choose is good and you accompany it with informative and keyword-rich metadata.

3. Engaging
Naturally, people are more engaged by video than text we think, so when your page comes up they know that it is more likely to interest them and be informative. A video is a quick and easy way to demonstrate your product or service, essentially a TV advert you can produce yourself cheaply and quickly. So be creative; attract people to your site but also keep them there with great video content and not blocks of text.

4. Shareable
Social media is here and developing fast and with smartphone technology you can film a video, upload it and share it in a matter of minutes. How you host and promote the video also means you can control this sharing to ensure you reach the markets you want to.

5. Keep your site fresh
Video has emerged as an easy tool for adding a new dimension to your website. Simply by adding or replacing a link you have fresh new content that will also appear differently in search engine rankings, so people aren’t seeing the same old content each time.