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360 video and how they are beneficial to businesses

How can 360 video be useful in the sense of social media marketing as well as in general business usage? With the use of 360 videos growing rapidly on platforms such as YouTube, these videos are helping businesses become more interactive as well as giving a customer a brilliant piece of technology to handle which gives a good viewing experience. This can allow clients to have a personal connection and often leave viewers amazed at what this business has presented them with at the use of their very own fingertips. Some are still wary about these videos in business use due to the questioning regarding whether they are worth it in terms of return on investment or not, though this is not always the way to look at things – we also think innovative content is ideal for branding. With the use of these videos, it enhances your business portfolio and gives a client the sense of virtual reality allowing them to see a product properly before purchasing.

360 viewing is also now available for local businesses in Google maps. So, rather than looking at whether these videos are directly creating income for a business, it is sometimes worth considering the indirect profit which may come from possibly better search rankings in Google from having a more in-depth and content-rich local business listing. You may have heard the classic quote ‘content is king’ for internet marketing – we believe innovative and diverse content is always worth producing for any business to help conversion rate.

With these videos bringing in the encouragement of user interaction and a revolutionised piece of technology, even small businesses have invested in these pieces of equipment recently and are using it to show their customers the environment they may be visiting or the product that they are considering purchasing. Both large and small businesses are using it so, why don’t you? They are a brilliant investment which give customers something to talk about and keeps your business modernised in the digital market place.

We have a specialist team here at Thriving Digital who can help you produce virtual reality videos for your business. Whether you are needing one for your YouTube channel or website, we can help here! Call us on 0800 774 7094 or fill out or contact form and we will be happy to get back to you with some free advice and a quote.